In 2014 two separate youth groups existed at Solidarity, one in the Garnet neighborhood and the other in the Maple neighborhood. The two groups were brought together due to transitions in leadership. The first few months of Merge were tense.  Two groups, from two different neighborhoods, with different rival gangs were expected to come together as one spiritual family. It wasn't until the Merge community went away to camp together that God began to break down the line that was drawn between the two groups. Merge is a Monday night youth church that is guided by four main values: Presence, Family, Words of Life, and Honest Stories.



An outdoor adventure program that believes intentional experiences in nature can lead to significant life transformation. This program focuses on five means for developing a context for discipleship: Specialized nature experiences, Experiential teaching/learning, Disruptive story telling, Natural mentoring, and Holistic support.


The goal is to connect with the children through relationship and discipleship.