Solid T provides quality screen printing services to impact communities towards holistic transformation. From small to large orders, we offer a number of different printing styles and can assist you with all your custom apparel needs.

All the proceeds generated from sales directly support Solid T's career development program which provides life skills workshops, job preparedness classes, and job training for urban youth.



Solid City Coffee is a social enterprise that uses quality coffee to support hope and healing for girls who have survived sex trafficking in São Paulo, Brazil. A portion of the proceeds of every bag of coffee goes to support Casa Liberdade, which will be the first ever aftercare house for survivors of sex trafficking in São Paulo, Brazil.

Solid City also works in conjunction with the Solid Enterprise team to provide job training and discipleship for youth right here in Fullerton. We believe that through business urban youth can be empowered to bring renewal to their communities.


Contrast Collective is a group of creative communicators dedicated to assisting your artistic needs. We provide website design, branding, photography, videography, hand lettering, & calligraphy services. 

In addition to giving 10-30% back to Solidarity, Contrast Collective also works in conjunction with the Solid Enterprise team to provide job training and discipleship for youth through the Workforce Development Program and internships.



For over a decade, Solidarity has succeeded in character, community, and spiritual development, but we have also witnessed many students hitting a wall when it came to God's intended purpose for them in the area of work. In 2016, the Solid Enterprise Team created a Workforce Development Program in response to the barriers our students were facing. Through a theology of work, job training, development of hard skills, discipleship, and internships within our three social enterprises, Solid Enterprises desires to help the church transform their city.