La Fuerza Community

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Welcome to La Fuerza!

As a part of the La Fuerza (The Strength) Community, you have access to a unique community within Solidarity. For years, this community of monthly donors have been the strength & backbone of Solidarity's ministry.  Our desire is to see this community find renewed strength and depth with Jesus by participating in what God is doing in this world.

La Fuerza is a community where donors can (a) have access to monthly resources, (b) interact with a deep fraternity of believers, and (c) be encouraged by the very students & young adults their monthly donations support.

Thank you for investing and choosing to play a role in strengthening urban communities through La Fuerza. This year, Solidarity is putting an emphasis on AMPLIFYING THE VOICE OF THE COMMUNITY. We want to invite you, the La Fuerza community, into this same charge. For long time we thought Solidarity needed to be the voice for its neighbors, but God graciously showed us that our community has a strong voice of its own, one that can bring life to the rest of the city. The La Fuerza Community exists to help strengthen & encourage the voice of the community.

The content you will find in this community will be voices from our neighbors and others within La Fuerza that you can amplify by sharing with others, tools to download to strengthen your own voice, and small tokens of gratitude for partnering with Solidarity.

Thank you, again, for choosing to join us in the journey.
— Kevin Mo-Wong, Executive Director
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Solidarity's Prayer Of Examen

Through many seasons at Solidarity the prayer of examen has been a guiding prayer to help the staff reflect, process, and develop new intimacy with God.  A spiritual formation tool modified by the Solidarity staff, Examen has been a life-giving practice to many.

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The monterossa's story (Video)

The Monterrosas are an amazing family that have brought so much wisdom, laughter, and life to the Maple community.  Watch their story by clicking the button below.

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Solid City Coffee cold brew just might be the best cold brew on the market.  We might be a bit biased, but seriously...take a sip and compare it to any of the national brands.

As a gift to you, the La Fuerza community, we would love to send you one free bottle of Solid City Coffee Cold Brew.