The Garnet neighborhood is a small community of mostly 1st and 2nd generation Latino families.  This neighborhood is only 2 blocks by 3 blocks yet is home to over two thousand people. Although impacted by two rival gangs and consistent drug trafficking, it is a culturally vibrant neighborhood full of hidden treasures. Solidarity has been journeying with Garnet residents and local church partners since 2002 and together have significantly impacted an entire generation of youth and families.  Through our educational after school programs, leadership development initiate, and neighborhood church, holistic transformation continues to grow and expand in many ways. 

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The Maple neighborhood is a historically rich community where families have been established for 3-5 generations. It is a low-income neighborhood comprised of predominately Latino families who have grown up together and have deep family ties. When in the neighborhood a strong sense of "home" is felt, but also recognized is the influential presence of Fullerton Tokers Town, one of the oldest and largest gangs in Orange County. Solidarity has been present in the Maple community center; we have been able to offer free CFR's in response to the neighborhoods desire. These CRF's include Glimpse, an elementary after school program, Mamás de Maple, a group for moms to support one another and engage in neighborhood action, Solid Talk, English classes for adults, and SOLFUL, a summer school partnership with our local school district. We also host Merge, which is a multi-neighborhood youth church. The 601 Maple Community Center serves as a safe and welcoming "third place" or home away from home for many families in our community.



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