Located in East Fullerton the Garnet neighborhood is a densely populated six block community made up of mostly first generation Latinos or families who just came to this country.  While Garnet has issues that hurt the community - drugs, alcoholism, gangs, fatherlessness, undcoumentation - there is a thriving, beautifully rich culture that exists in the neigbhorhood. 

1690 N. Placentia Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831



The Maple community is a multi-generation neighborhood.  Located just south of downtown Fullerton, the Maple neighborhood was originally intended as red-lined minority housing.  For decades God has been moving in this community despite the strong gang and drug presence.  Solidarity was graciously allowed to be a part of this community and have experienced an inner strength that has developed into real transformation.

601 E. Valencia Dr. Fullerton, CA 92832