Bere finds another home at the 601 building with her neighbors and the Community Building Initiative grant.

Twenty years ago, Berenice moved from Tijuana to the Maple neighborhood.  Eventually, she moved into a home across the street from a building at the end of Valencia. Bere watched as that building went from being an abandoned church to a new community center full of activity and life. Little did Bere know, the 601 building would someday be a second home for her and her family.

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Last summer was the first time Israel attended Yosemit Sierra Summer Camp (YSSC) as a leader. He’s gone before as a camper and the previous summer as a co-leader. He was reluctant to step into this role though since he had never taken on this level of leadership. Not knowing any of the teens going he wondering if they would respect him and listen to what he had to say. Israel said yes, not knowing what to expect.

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Janet & Makayla begin a new friendship and experience the IMPACT of discovering the individuals God created them to be.

Makayla (Kayla) balanced the rigors of her senior year at Fullerton High School when her aunt, Leilani, invited her and Kayla's younger sister, Cierra, to join IMPACT. Kayla felt that IMPACT would be a good way to see Cierra more often, so they decided to commit to IMPACT together.

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