In 2009, the schools in Fullerton cut summer school due to State budget cuts. Solidarity rallied 13 churches to provide a citywide answer to the loss of summer school. We called it SolFul – Summer of Love Fullerton. We currently are in 4 neighborhoods which include programs at 3 Title I schools. SolFul has continued with an average of 125 volunteers and 350 students since 2010.


Character & Leadership

We have had over 50 neighborhood residents who have volunteered, interned, or been on staff with Solidarity this year.


In 2007, the API score at Topaz Elementary in the Garnet neighborhood was 750.  The current API score is 873 (state average target is 800), with Solidarity being a factor in students' test scores.  92% of students in Garnet CFR’s are at or above reading level. 80% of students in Garnet CFR’s are raising their grades or maintaining high grades.

6 out of the 19 students in the National Elementary Honor Society at Maple Elementary are from our Glimpse program.

The graduation rate for high school seniors in our CFR’s is 95%. In 2010, the dropout rate for Latinos in Orange County was 72%.


Spiritual Formation

100 youth from our neighborhoods are currently participating in spiritual formation through Bible studies, discipleship groups, worship gatherings, and camps.

Family Wellness

In 2007, the teen pregnancy rate for our students was 33%. Now it is at zero.

Parent involvement in both our neighborhoods is at 83% in our after school programs. Parent involvement is one of the major factors in childhood resiliency in areas of poverty.


Other Notable Successes

The Board of Immigration Appeals accredited and launched Camino Immigration Services to help our undocumented neighbors find hope. It is one of the few services to exist in the North Orange County area. 

We are working to open Casa Liberdade, the first aftercare home for survivors of sex trafficking in São Paulo, Brazil. 

Solid Enterprises have brought in $888,435 in gross revenue since January 2012 with $179,268 in net income that has gone to help fund our youth programs. With a 20% profit margin we are able to not only provide jobs and job training but also fund our CFR’s.