- Rev. Kevin Doi, founding pastor of Epic Church and co-founder of JOYA Scholars

"As congregations everywhere are grappling with the tectonic shifts occurring in our culture, it has been well documented that fewer and fewer Americans are attending church today. What is desperately needed is not a new technique or strategic plan for getting more people to come to church, but an entirely new reimagining of mission for our times. One ray of hope in this fog of disorientation is the small but growing number of Christian communities rooted in the local--witnesses to the kingdom of God finding expression in the lives of ordinary people in our own neighborhoods and cities. This commitment to the local, of course, is nothing new to Solidarity. They have been present to their neighbors and neighborhoods for more than a decade, and the fruit is obvious. What Solidarity offers the church is not a quick fix or another 'project for impacting your city,' but a wholly different way of life--one rooted in the humble posture and presence of Jesus among a particular people in a particular place. I have learned much from my friends at Solidarity. I can't think of a better (or more enjoyable!) guide to assist your church in discerning what God is up to in your community."

- Tim Kinkenberg, Senior Pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church, 1st Vice President of the Pacific Southwest District, Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod

"Tommy Nixon and the Solidarity Team have been instrumental in helping our congregation work in Santa Ana. Tommy has been tireless in helping, relentlessly positive and helped build a cohesive team. Solidarity had resources that led us to reach out to over 200 homes, renew the hope of a church and begin to reinvigorate a congregation. Solidarity loves the church."

- Dan Hughes, Fullerton Chief of Police (2012-16)

- Jeff Myers, Campus Pastor of Rock Harbor Fullerton

"Solidarity walked our team through a multi-step process that involved consensus building and developing a vision and strategic action plan for our church. I love how they valued each voice on our team, which led to greater contribution from every member. Because of this, we were able to reflect the uniqueness of our community and what our church has to offer it! We are now in the coaching phase where their team meets periodically with each of our staff members to help discuss how to overcome the barriers in order to reach our goals. Solidarity has a firm grasp of church theology and how to live it outside church walls. I am excited to continue our partnership with Solidarity, and I would highly recommend any church to go through this process as it has proven to be an invaluable resource from which to develop and articulate the vision of our Church."

- Dr. Mary Glenn, Co-President of Cities Together

"At Cities Together, we work with leaders from all over the Southern California region. It has been an honor to journey with the leadership of Solidarity since their beginning. Solidarity is the real deal. They live what they believe and teach. Their commitment to Fullerton neighborhoods is demonstrated through the lives of every member of their team and community. They model how to live in a city, how to seek God's peace in the city, and how to love a community well with God's heart. Their passion for collaboration and partnership drives their pursuit of relationship with people from all walks of life. Solidarity's love for Fullerton is both contagious and inspiring."

"Solidarity had resources that led us to reach out to over 200 homes, renew the hope of a church and begin to reinvigorate a congregation. Solidarity loves the church."