1. Our Process Training

Solidarity has been engaged in local neighborhoods in Fullerton and São Paulo since 2002 earning trust, developing relationships, and experiencing transformation. We didn't get to this place by reading one book, or following a single strategic plan, or developing one program... it was a PROCESS.

We invite you to join our process to better reach your city.

A.) Neighborhood training: Learn the SPRED principles and the strategy behind how Solidarity does community development in the Garnet and Maple neighborhoods.

  • Trainer: Leilani Hernandez
  • Dates:  Twice a year (TBA)
  • Price: $10 per participant

B.) Three theologies training:  How has Solidarity been able to stay present in the neighborhoods and city transformation for 15+ years?  It's because the organization has a defined why.  Your church can have lasting impact too.  Invite Solidarity to your church and learn about the three theologies behind lasting city transformation.

  • Trainer: Tommy Nixon
  • Dates:  email to book a training at your church/npo
  • Price:  $250 per 25ish participants (+ transportation if out of southern CA region) for three hour training

 C.) Relationships:  The Kingdom was founded on relationship and creating right relationship, but when we create neighborhood programs, we make the end goal about something else.  Learn how making neighborhood programing about volunteer discipleship & relational development actually creates sustainable and fruitful community transformation.

  • Trainer: Kevin Mo-Wong
  • Dates:  Twice a year
  • Price:  Free

Jesus was both God & man, He stood in between our sin and God's wrath, He was neither conservative nor liberal, and if he were to exist today in this country, He probably wouldn't side with any political party.

Jesus' very essence was being the Reconciled Middle.  Solidarity wants to unpack the Kingdom value of existing in the middle. We will look at the divided church in America and unpack tools to help our congregations embrace the tension of the Reconciled Middle.

Every great venture starts with a conversation. Let's Talk.



2. Solidarity's City Transformation Conference

Solidarity's City Transformation Conference, is a conference within a conference.  In partnership with UYWI's National Conference, Solidarity's one day conference, is an opportunity for the church to be trained in tools on entering into areas of suffering within your own city.

  • $79 all day access to the conference (includes main session, two workshops, and lunch)
  • Dates:  May 19th, 2017

3. Global Immersion Trip

 Once a year, Solidarity gathers like-minded pastors to start to imagine how we can disciple our churches in peacemaking during a politically tumultuous time in our country.  One of the best ways to disciple is to enter into conflict.  Join us on a 5 week learning lab + a 3 day border immersion trip to Tijuana.

  • Dates:  May 4-7th (Immersion trip)  April 1 - May3rd (Learning lab)
  • Price:  $850

4. Small Group Curriculum

(Coming soon)

How can we use city transformation as a means of discipling our church's small group? This thirteen week curriculum that walks a small groups through three rhythms of Presence, Mission, and Dependence is a great way to help your congregation develop formationally and create Kingdom movement in your church.