The After School Program in the Garnet community is Solidarity's oldest and longest running program.  Originally started in 2002, the original first grade students have now graduated high school, succeeding in college, and starting families.  Throughout the years, the Garnet ASP has remained a safe place in the neighborhood to attend for educational enrichment, character development, and homework help.



Glimpse started off as an after school program that literally met on Truslow St. in the Maple neighborhood. Under a pop up tent and sitting at folding tables, the students would meet rain or shine, 55 degrees or 105 degrees.  Fortunately, Solidarity moved into the 601 building where Glimpse was born.  Dozens of elementary students attend daily where they receive educational enrichment, character development and homework help.

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In 2009, state budget cuts shut down summer school in the Fullerton school district.  Neighborhood parents approached Solidarity concerned for their child's education and well being if there was no where for them to go during the summer months.  The local churches of Fullerton came together to try and work with the community to address the issue.  SOLFul is a four to seven week summer school supplement that takes place on local elementary school campuses.



The Garnet Teen Center is a drop in program that runs from 4-6p every day.  While education and homework help is a focal point of the program, Solidarity has seen many teens who have stuck with the teen center program through all four years, thrive as young adults.  Young boys and girls develop strong character, receive spiritual guidance, and are exposed to new career paths.

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The youth in the Maple community come to the Teen Center because it offers a beautiful place of belonging.  Located in the heart of Fullerton Tokers Town (one of OC's oldest and largest gang), the Maple Teen Center is a place to combat the difficulties of life on the street.  Tutoring, educational workshops and character building are offered each day at the Maple Teen Center.

We believe  in Laughter over Tactics, Tension over Comfort.


Various volunteer opportunities available. Fill out the volunteer application below to start your volunteer process! Please call (714) 924-4186, or contact Brandon Yoshihara at volunteer@solidaritynpo.org if you have any questions.